Corner System

The Corner System is a modular solution for building butterfly/overhead frames, lightboxes, etc. With all components compatible, custom frames building has never been easier!

Corner System
Corner System

System components

The entire system consists of 30 x 30 mm square aluminum tubes and 35 x 35 mm steel connectors. We introduced a range of different connecting elements, so any useful configuration is possible: frontal connection, 90º, 45º and 3-dimensional 90º for lightboxes. The aluminum tubes can also be connected to one another. All elements are by default powder painted black, for extra endurance and discreet look. We use stainless steel mounting elements, such as screws, pins, nuts and knobs to ensure the durability of our products. You will find a list of all the basic Corner System components at the bottom of this page.

corner system

Overhead 90° Corner

Standard perpendicular connector with handy knobs for fast assembly and an eyelet for attaching the frame to the ceiling. Designed for butterfly/overhead frames. First in the Corner System family.

Quick Release Ear

A butterfly/overhead frame mounting element designed to work with standard C-stand grip heads. Allows for a quick removal/reversal of the frame, without disassembly. Just two ears on opposing edges can support a big frame.

Lightbox 90° Corner

Square corner for lightoxes – 3-dimensional frames. It has 3 tube receivers and is stiff enough to support a large construction.

Lightbox 90° T-Connector

Very useful part when building a lightbox. Thanks to one open profile it can be mounted at any time in any place of the frame. This way if your frame turns out not to be stable enough, you won’t have to disassemble it and start from scratch.

Lightbox 45° Angle Connector

Another useful part when building a lightbox. Thanks to one open profile it can be mounted at any time in any place of the frame. The receiver at 45° angle allows for installing a diagonal bar – especially important in large constructions.

Straight Connector

This component can be crucial in building long frames that require high stiffnes. Use it to strenghten and stiffen two tubes connected frontally.

Straight Connector 16 mm Pin

Give your frame a stable mounting point. 16 mm pin will match an industry standard C-stand grip head. Two connectors with pin mounted on opposing sides of the frame will provide sufficient support.

Lightbox 90° 4 Way Corner

Also called a T-cross. This lightbox corner has two standard and one arterial receiver, which can slide along a tube. This way you can adjust the height at which bars are mounted.

30x30mm Square Pipe Extension

The very foundation of a frame. Aluminum square tube with an extension on one side. Tube length 122 cm, extension length 20 cm. The extension fits inside the next tube and has a steel thread mounted for securing it in place with a screw.

30x30mm Square Pipe

Basic element of a frame. Aluminum square tube, 125 cm long. At one end there is a hole that overlaps the thread mounted on an extension pipe.

Corner System


We offer few different configurations – sets and kits, as we like to call them – matching the industry standards.

The kits are the 366 x 366 cm (12’ x 12’) overhead frame and 244 x 244 cm (8’ x 8’) butterfly frame, with the latter available with either quick release ears, or 16 mm pins. They have been designed to ensure stability and quick assembly. The frames are lightweight and durable.

Next we have sets of corners and connectors without the aluminum tubes, so you can use any 30 x 30 mm square tubes to match your conditions. Overhead/butterfly corners are available with either quick release ears, or 16 mm pins. We also offer a lightbox set consisting of 8 lightbox corners.

Corner System

Custom elements

We understand that there are situations on a set where you need a very specific type of equipment, but not always have it, due to its weight, size or cost. So we decided to utilize the possibilities of the Corner System and introduced a series of custom elements, that allow you to quickly and reliably build jibs, custom frames, stands, etc. Save space and time – use our Corner System.

Double Ear

Highgly specific piece of equipment, used for mounting parallel frames at a constant separation of 305mm (12″). Double Ears come in handy whenever you need a stable setup with two frames at a given distance.  Typical application is a LED panel and a diffusion.  Thanks to the offset construction of the connecting part, the setup will be fully operatable and will only need two stands to support.

Backdrop Ear

A more functional alternative to a standard quick release ear. The backdrop ear provides an offset from the grip head, so you can mount your frame in various positions and still have full operability. Durable steel construction is stiff enought to support most frames.

Wall Plate Adapter

Provides a stable mounting point of a single tube to a flat surface, e.g. a wall or an apple box. The plate has two different sizes of holes, to match mounting screws to the load on the adapter. Can be used vertically or horizontally.

Twin Connector

Connect two tubes parallel to each other to gain more stiffness. Useful for long, loaded constructions.

Menace Arm Connector

Allows to quickly build a so-called menace arm – stable jib for your lighting equipment – and mount it to a standard grip head. The centilever has a welded stainless eyelet to attach an extraction to.

Cross Connector

Connect two tubes perpendicular to each other, at any desired lenght. Useful in building large, custom lightboxes – allows to quickly change the position of a bar.


Multi-angle Connector

Adjustable angle receiver and a handy knob make it a perfect component of a large construction. The connector can slide along a tube.

Eyelet Slider

This element can be moved along a tube, to gain an extra mounting possibility in any point you like.

Pin Slider

Sliding element wit a 16 mm pin. Provides a mounting point fo a lamp, etc. directly on the frame/construction you build. It can be moved along the tube.


Have a look at some of the available solutions.