Flags & Frames

Light control equipment created to meet the highest standard. Top-shelf black flags & frames.

Flags & Frames
Flags & Frames

Black Flags

Also referred to as floppy cutters

Sewn with exceptional precision, using the highest quality materials that will last long. Velcro floppy is not sewn to the cutter at any edge. They may be used as either top, bottom or a side hinge type cutters, depending on the situation.  Connecting flags with Velcro is made easier.

Stainless steel frame has amazing stiffness, but also reduces weight significantly.

Flags & Frames

Trace Frames

Practical design based on experience.

Our newly introduced trace frames have been optimized to provide a perfect compromise between low mass and high stiffness.

The aluminium profiles are just thick enough to make the frame sturdy and durable and at the same. Great for attaching gels, textiles, etc. .


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