Shot Bags

Filling our bags with steel shot, we managed to keep the same weight, while reducing half the size compared to traditional sandbags.

Shot Bags

Choose your shotbag

In our offer You will find two shot bag options, each with slightly different parametres. Choose the one that best fits your needs.

Shot Bags

Stainless Steel Shot Bags

Amazing rustproof properties of the Stainless Steel Pellet make it perfect for outdoor use and harsh conditions, including salty water. Due to its shape, pellet will be easy to contain in an unlike event of spill.

Shot Bags

Steel Shot Bags

If You don’t need your bags to withstand extreme weather, Steel Shot Bags will be fully sufficient. At the same volume and lower price You will also get a little more mass. One downside is that balls can cause danger when spilled.


What makes our shot bags unique?

We can all agree that TV broadcast quality is important, but we offer much more than just that!

Shot Bags

Our shot bags are manufactured in Europe, using top-quality, well-proven materials CORDURA 1100D by Invista. We provide a 24-month warranty and are willing to fulfill your requests.

We understand the importance of visual identification, and so we offer You the possibility to customize your shot bags. You can choose between a heat-transferred graphic logo on the bag, an embroidered one on the strap or both options.

We will also guarantee effortless shopping and arrange the shipment of any quantity, to any place. Delivery to the chosen address on a custom palette.

Use Shotbags

From numerous jobs Shotbags can do, the most obvious one is to prevent lightstands from tipping over. Learn more about how You can utilize our product.


Weigh down lighting or grip stands. The bag's construction is thought to make it simple to wrap around an object. The pockets are rather flexible, which makes them easy to mold and fit in the required space.

Securing objects

Umbrellas, tents, banner stands - any objects affected by wind can be easily secured with shotbags.


Automotive, aeronautics, space engineering - these are just few of the fields that can use shotbags when it comes to calibrating crafts and appliances.


Shotbags will serve well as boat ballast. They can be easily stored under seats or in the lockers, without compromising space and the water-repellent fabric will protect the boat surfaces from scratches.


The convenient handle can be easily wrapped around a stand's arm to balance the weight of a heavy piece of equipment.

Industrial testing

Thanks to their small size, shotbags are ideal for mass capacity testing. Unlike traditional steel or lead weights, they won't scratch the surfaces.


Real-life photos of our Shotbags in action.