On Demand

We are a team of engineers and enthusiasts. If you have an idea you want to transform into a real thing, just contact us. 

We work with:

  • CNC – water-jet, laser, wood router
  • CAD design
  • Welding, mechanics
  • Powder painting
  • Sewing, fabrics
  • and a lot more

Customize your products

Below you will find customization services we provide for Apple Boxes and Bags (Steel Shot Bags and Carrying Bags). Contact us when placing your order to set the details.

Apple Boxes



You can order painting for your Apple boxes and depending on the desired effect we use different coating or paint. For example varnish, natural wax or phthalate paint can be used. You will find more about that in the Apple Box Tutorial.


Logo engraving

We can apply laser engraving of your graphics to Apple Boxes and Basso/Elephant Blocks. Standard size is 90×60 mm.


Basic modification services

Changes can be applied to the construction of Apple Boxes. For example an additional wall inside, bigger hand grip or no wood finish.

Steel Shot Bags & Carrying Bags


Printed logo

We can personalize your Steel Shot Bags or Apple Box Covers by printing your logo or graphics on it. We use well-proven thermal transfer printing, matched to the materials and the way we use our products. Maximum size of print is 15×10 cm.


Steel Shot Bags basic modifications

We can change the size and fabric color, add custom logo tape or remove our brand logo.