Arno Lashing Straps

Straps are from the best manufacturer. Quality and usability are the main reasons that we choose ARNO.

Strap in standard design with black Arno Original metal buckle and extra cable loop. The strap is woven in polypropylene and heat treated for extra strength.

Available sizes:

Width: 25 mm
Length: 75 cm ; 100 cm ; 150 cm

Improved Sandbags 2018 Version

New delivery from sewing room arrived yesterday. Sandbags are in stock and you have to know that we made major change to the fabric used.

The first version of our sandbag was developed in 2013. From that time we changed suppliers, fabrics and we made many improvements. 
In 2018 we still want to be in the top of sandbags manufacturers dedicated for film industry. 

Sandbags 2018 version is sewed form certified NYLON fabric (formerly we used thick polypropylene). Material is polyamide fiber that makes is almost twice stronger now. Second advantage is silky surface that dust doesn’t stick.